Government Ferry Tickets

Government ferries are those evident modes of transit plying in between different islands of Andaman. Most commonly, they are founded to be dependent by the islanders to arrive at the capital city and return to their islands. In fact, they are the most economical mode to sail in between these islands, yet enjoying the breath-taking natural beauty of them, all with your naked eyes. The tickets for these government ferries had to be acquired from the STAR counters that are operated by the Directorate of Shipping Services (DSS), based in Port Blair. Currently, there are no provisions for commuters to book these government ferry tickets online. The delight voyage is kicked off from the Phoenix Bay Jetty to the desired destination. The prices for these government ferries could be much more reasonable than its counterpart. However, the facilities that they offer would be purely basic, so you do not have to expect the luxuries, high speed and cushion seats like that of the private ferries.

Port Blair to Havelock Government Ferry Tickets

These government ferries will be embarked from the Port Blair harbour at around 6.30 in the morning and within 2 and a half hour of splendid sailing, you will arrive at your destination. Since the tickets for travelling in these government ferries cannot be booked online, you will be compelled to stand in queues in front of the ticket counters of DSS to avail them. The entire process may eat up a drastic time of yours. But, you may book them in advance if you wish. But that would also be around 4 days prior to your travel. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, you could traverse from Port Blair to Havelock Island from 6 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening. Nevertheless, during rough weathers, these ferry timings are subject to change. For knowing them accurately, you may contact the enquiry office of DSS or get in touch with any reliable local tour operators.

Havelock to Neil Island Government Ferry Tickets

They are another popular sea route of the Andaman Islands and are traversed predominantly by tourists and few islanders. That being said, you do not have to reckon of finding many tourists in the government ferries sailing amid Havelock and Neil Island, as the seats reserved for them are fairly very low, besides the difficulties endured in booking one such ticket. So if you had contacted any tour operators after providing your name and other details, they will book tickets for you, as soon as possible. Furthermore, you are recommended to get them even before booking your accommodation, concerning its huge demand. Whatsoever, the spectacular sights that you get to view in the sea journey between these two beautiful locations are truly astonishing. From the open deck of these government ferries, tourists could watch the underwater marvels through its pristine waters.

Neil Island to Port Blair Government Ferry Tickets

Other than booking your tickets for those luxurious private ferries cruising in between Neil Island and Port Blair, you may opt for government ferries for your sailing. Although these are more of an affordable option, it would be recommended if you have got to spend enough time and space on them. Booking tickets for government ferries is a herculean task, considering the challenges faced by the tourists at the crowded ticket counters. During the peak seasons, the situations would be worse. Henceforth, for your easier accessibility, you will be suggested to book these ferry tickets at least 4 days before your sailing and avoid those last-minute hassles. It could ruin the enjoyment of that comfortable traversing. Even though the stretch in between Neil Island and Port Blair is the shortest among all the three sea journeys, the spectacular sight that they offer is nothing less.

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